Touching the Sky

  Stock Video Collection • 45 Clips

A collection of some of my favourite time-lapses from Mt. Aconcagua, Elbrus, Everest and Peru. Experience the night skies from some of the highest mountains on Earth.

Moonrise over AmaDablam
Summit of Aconcagua at night
Twin peaks in Nepal near Namche
Summit of peaks near Namche in Nepal
Elbrus twin peaks with headlamps
Tent at high camp on Aconcagua at night
Caucasus range at night from Elbrus
Penetentes at night near Aconcagua
Moonrising in Penetentes at night near Aconcagua
Moonsetting in Penetentes at night near Aconcagua
Aconcagua basecamp wide shot with tents at night
Aconcagua summit at night from basecamp with stars closeup
MilkyWay moonset over the Caucasus on Elbrus
Milky way over summit of Aconcagua
Moon at Aconcagua basecamp
Sunset at high camp on Aconcagua with tents
Tent at high camp on Aconcagua
Sunset on Aconcagua summit
Aconcagua summit with pink clouds at dusk
Day to night at Everest basecamp with tents
The valley in Nepal at dusk
Himalayas after dusk near Everest
Day to night on Elbrus from the barrels
Summit of Elbrus close up at night with stars
Tobuche at night from Pheriche
Basecamp on Aconcagua with tents in wide shot
Himalayas with racing clouds
Village and mountains in Peru
Mountains in the Andes in Peru
Twin peaks on Mt Elbrus in Russia
AmaDablam at sunset with last light
Everest AmaDablam and Lhotse with moving clouds
High camp with tents and racing clouds on Aconcagua
Sunset over ridge on Aconcagua
Caucasus range in Russia from Elbrus
Aconcagua summit from camp 3 with racing stars
Aconcagua summit medium shot from basecamp at night with racing stars
Aconcagua summit with racing clouds from camp 3
Stars rising in the lowlands in Nepal
Village at night with stars in Phakding Nepal
Prayer flag at night in Nepal with racing stars
Stars at night in Peru
Milky way at night in Peru
Cho Oyu summit at night with headlamps and stars
Everest and Lhotse with fast moving clouds