Everest A Tribute To The Fallen

  Stock Video Collection • 27 Clips

Footage from the avalanche on Mt. Everest, the aftermath and the heroic rescue efforts of climbers and helicopter pilots.

Sherpa stunned after avalanche on Everest
Dead bodies covered at Everest basecamp
Helicopter evacuation from landing pad with people in the foreground
Helicopter evacuating climbers from landing pad at basecamp
Helicopter arriving to basecamp after the avalanche
Helicopter at basecamp landing to evacuate climbers
Helicopter landing to rescue climbers on Everest after avalanche
Helicopter landing to rescue climbers wide shot
Pan of destroyed basecamp on Everest after avalanche
Climbers after avalanche at basecamp with tents
Close up of wreckage at basecamp after avalanche
Wide shot pan of wreckage from Everest avalanche
Destroyed camps and equipment at Everest basecamp
Destroyed equipment after Everest avalanche
Search and rescue after Everest avalanche
Basecamp with shredded tents after Everest avalanche
Team of Sherpas carrying wounded climber after avalanche
Avalanche at Everest basecamp
Deceased climber body covered after Everest
Destroyed tents and bebris after Everest avalanche
Destroyed tents at basecamp after avalanche
Climbers carrying wounded at basecamp after avalanche
Everest avalanche
Climbers searching for the injured after Everest
Miky way rising over Mt Nuptse from Everest basecamp
Sunset with passing clouds over the Khumbu Icefall
Day to night transition at Everest basecamp looking down valley