Mountain Stock Video • 17 Clips

Lhotse is an exhilarating climb that follows the Everest climbing route as far as Camp four where the route steepens to follow an icy gully to the summit. The expedition tot he summit benefits from the infrastructure put in place for Everest expeditions.

Line up of climbers at camp 3 on the Lhotse face
Medium shot of Sherpa climbing the Lhotse face from behind
Long line up of climbers on the Lhotse face with the Yellow Band in view
POV of climbers making their way towards the Lhotse face
POV of climber making his way towards the Lhotse face
Team of Sherpas just below the Lhotse face
The Lhotse face
Close up of climbers boots on the Lhotse face
Climber on the Lhotse face
Tilt up of climber on the Lhotse face
Extreme wideshot of team approaching the Lhotse Face
Pan of the Lhotse Face at sunset
Moon rising over the Lhotse face from camp 1 on Mt Everest
Clouds passing over the summit of Mt. Lhotse
Western CWM at night with with the moon rising above the Lhotse face
Epic shot of the moon rising above Lhotse from Camp 1
Lhotse face at night with stars racing in the sky