Mountain Stock Video • 11 Clips

Many climbers preparing for Mt. Everest climb Lobuche’s Eastern peak which is technically considered a flase summit. The true summit lies just few hours away, the steep drop and considerable distance from the true summit makes approaching the West peak quite difficult for commercial climbers.

Lobuche high camp with cooking tent
Lobuche summit with racing clouds
Lobuche summit from the village of Lobuche with heavy clouds
Lobuche basecamp with tents and climbers
Village of Lobuche in the Himalayas at night with stars
Lobuche peak with racing clouds
Lobuche village with racing clouds near Mt. Everest
Lobuche village at night with rising stars
Clouds racing over the summit of Mt. Lobuche at night
Mt Lobuche day to night with racing clouds
Summit of Mt. Lobuche at night with racing stars facing Tibet