The Desert from the Sky

  Stock Video Collection • 19 Clips

An aerial collection shot in Lebanon, Jordan and the UAE. From beautiful desert landscapes with athletes training for expeditions to lush vibrant villages in the mountains of Lebanon.

Runner in the desert bird’s eye view aerial
Sunset at the sea in Beirut aerial
Runner in the desert aerial
Ras Al Khaimah mountains aerial
Pulling a tire in the desert birds eye view aerial
Baatara gorge waterfall in Lebanon aerial
Village in Lebanon with mountains aerial
Climber in snow covered mountains aerial
The cedars in Lebanon aerial
Climber climbing rock face at Baatara gorge waterfall aerial
Ruins in Jordan aerial
Climber absailing off cliff aerial
Hiker training in the desert aerial
Sunrise in the desert in the dunes aerial
Climber standing on cliff preparing to absail aerial
Climber pulling a tire in the desert overhead aerial
Runner from the sky running in ruins in Jordan aerial
Climber pulling a tire in the desert at sunrise aerial
Hiker in the desert with backpack aerial